Beginner Sewing Projects

With beginner sewing projects you'll learn to make a seam,  dart, mark fabric, cut, pin,  install zippers . Getting familiar with these skills is only the beginning to the fulfilling experience of making your own clothes and gifts. Teaching yourself to sew opens up a world of possibilities. 

Beginner sewing Projects

Make A Dress - 1 Seam

beginner sewing projects 1

How to make a scarf


Make a Santa hat

beginner sewing projects

How to Install a Zipper

beginner sewing projects 3

Sew Waistband

Below are some easy sewing projects that require basic sewing skills. Making a waistband and ruffle are some of the skills learned here.

Easy Sewing Projects

beginner sewing projects 1

How to Make an Apron

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Make Poodle Skirt

Make Poodle Skirt - Video Version

beginner sewing projects 4

How to Make a Skirt

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How to Make a Cape

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