Sewing Videos

Sewing Videos

Make Poodle Skirt

How to Install a Zipper

How to Make a Toga

How to Make a Cape

Make An Apron

Sew Waistband

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Make Egyptian Costume

Make Santa Hat

Make Santa Scarf

Make Holiday Apron

Hope you enjoy the videos. Be sure and view the web page (link below video) that goes with each video. Many details, tips, photos, mistakes, solutions, fabric ideas, and techniques are available.

These videos can be a great way to get an idea of what's involved in the project, how long it might take, and what you'll need.

You may decide to make changes to the original pattern, and it helps to see the process before starting. For beginners be sure to check out Free Sewing Instructions for some basics on sewing.


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