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Welcome YouTube Visitors

Although the videos have a lot of info, and would be all that's necessary for an intermediate sewer, why not take advantage of all the info and photos. Tips, changes to the pattern, more photos, and much more detail on each of these YouTube videos can be found in these pages. You'll also find the YouTube video on the page.

Santa Hat,Make Santa Hat,

Make Santa Hat

Christmas apron, make an apron, how to make an apron, make holiday apron, make Christmas Apron

Make Holiday Apron

Make santa scarf, how to make a scarf

Make Santa Scarf

make egyptian costume

Make Egyptian Costume

How to make a dress

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How to Install a Zipper

welcome youtube visitors

Make Poodle Skirt

welcome youtube visitors

How to Make A Cape

youtube toga

How to Make Greek Goddess Costume or Toga

How to make an apron

Christmas Sewing Projects

Welcome Youtube Visitors

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