Why Sewing?

Can We Talk?

As a baby-boomer, soon to become an empty-nester, with my husband pursuing his hobbies; it was time for me to persue mine. It didn't take long to realize designing and sewing fashions had been a life-long dream. Between business and family, the only designing and sewing I'd done in the last twenty years had been Halloween costumes and a few toddler clothes long ago; unless you count designing and sewing the kitchen curtains.

When the recession hit, the fancy clothes were one of the first things to go, so I started sewing again, turning my old things into new clothes I couldn't find anywhere else. In the process, I rediscovered my love for fashion design and sewing. I've been particularly focused on creating clothes inspired by fashions from the past, something that I call ' retro sewing', a term I invented (I think).

Nothing to Wear

How could I have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear? I finally decided I would do what I've been talking about for years. Redesign and sew a new wardrobe for myself.

Creativity or Fear?

So now I have a chance to put my money where my mouth is, or in this case, scissors. Yes, I said scissors. I have a lot of great ideas, but when the scissors meet the fabric, I have to ask myself, Self, do I feel lucky? I'd like to believe it all came down to skill, but when you're as creative as I am, stuff happens, and I tend to stray past my skills. Knowing that about myself, sometimes I just walk away from the scissors and look for something safer. But then what fun is there in that? Sewing is already a pretty safe sport. So getting crazy in the sewing room is going to be another goal in this journey.

Here's the plan

1. I would use mostly what I already owned; like clothes I don't wear, and I will also look at sheets, curtains, napkins, table clothes, fabric that's been lying around for years.

2. It would have to look good, feel comfortable, practical, kind of sexy, and cover all the areas I want to cover.

3. Cost : low

I invite you to joing me, and dig up your old clothes and sheets. Redesigning a whole new wardrobe from scratch or from existing garments, spending little to no money. Either way, it will be rewarding and an experience that could lead you over the rainbow.


There have been requests from visitors to see some how-to's on beginner projects, and easy sewing projects. Recently RetroSewing has been reorganized to include these categories. Please continue to let me know what you want to see.
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Happy sewing!


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