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The DIY Effect

 (photo left)   A 1950s playsuit with romper and skirt which is pretty hard to find these days, but when you make it yourself, you get the DIY effect! In other words, exactly what you want. When you make your own clothes, the world is your oyster. Check out Design your own clothes for tips.  Other sewing pages include basic step by step sewing instructions for everything from fabric prep to installing a zipper.  Beginner Sewing Projects for easier sewing projects. Also more intermediate Sewing Projects Dog coats,  doll clothes,  sewing a waistband and how to make pleats.  Also check out costumes such as how to make a Poodle Skirt,  Egyptian costume or Toga.  

Favorite Homemade Recipes We are sharing our favorite family recipes, and we've only just begun. We experiment with a lot of different ingredients and healthy substitutions for the DIY effect.  Blackberry Pie Recipe , "stuffing, sangria, pumpkin pie, ciopinono"Best Chocolate Cake Ever"  (with coffee in the batter) to name a few. 

Party DIY's  A fun page full of party ideas for kids and adults.  Photo Booth DIY'S, Hobby Horse DIY, Country Party Sign, party decorations, retro party ideas, summer party DIY's, Red Neck Red Carpet Photo Booth, and on and on. Shop for ready made party decorations or make your own.  Either way, find it here. 

Gardening  Since moving to the country we've started a huge garden, an orchard of fruit trees, and citrus trees as well as a patch of this and that.  We are using the square foot gardening method for our vegetables and sharing tips and instructions on how we did it.  Everything from soil to harvest. Favorite things  about square foot gardening are: no more tilling the soil and weeds are minimized.. So much to learn, but very exciting and rewarding.

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