How to Make Lasagna

How to Make Lasagna

How to Make Lasagna:  The ingredients in this lasagna are very flexible.  Add more or less of any of these ingredients and it is sure to be delicious. Even if your layers are not perfectly even it will all meld in the oven and still be delicious.  This recipe is my favorite but you can change it up anyway you like. For a vegetarian version, minus the meats and add more spinach, mushroom and other veggies.  For gluten free use gluten free pasta.  For dairy free substitute or eliminate the cheeses.   The sauce can be made and cooked in an hour, but if you have the time let it simmer for at least 3  or 4 hours and it will be absolutely amazing!  So many options!


    Serves: 14 generous portions.

     Preparation Time 45 minutes. Cook time 45 min to an  hour.

     The pan size for this recipe is 11x15. 

16 lasagna noodles (1.pkg)

2 -24 oz  cans or jars tomato sauce or your favorite pasta sauce.

1-6 oz  can tomato paste.

1 tbsp rosemary

1 tbsp basil

1 tbsp Italian seasoning

1 tsp pepper

2 or 3 tsp salt to taste

1 white onion

4 or 5 finely chopped  garlic cloves

1 lb Italian sausage

1 lb.  ground beef

32 oz  ricotta cheese

6 oz  parmesan cheese

2 cups chopped  spinach

2 Eggs

1/4 cup red wine

Saute Onions and Garlic

Add  sausage & ground beef

Add the tomato sauce and tomato paste

or ready made spaghetti sauce.  Add red wine.

Add all the seasonings

Simmer for several hours ideally, but an hour will do.

Cook lasagna pasta according to decorations on box.

Slightly under cook since it will bake for additional 45 minutes to an hour.

Start the layering process by generously covering the bottomof the pan with the sauce.

This pan is 11x15

Cover the layer of sauce with the cooked pasta.

Mix the 2 eggs with the ricotta cheese until smooth.

Then add 1/2 of the mixture on top of the pasta.

Add a layer of chopped spinach.

Add another layer of sauce, ricotta cheese mixture, spinach, pasta

 and repeat until gone.

Make sure to leave enough sauce to add to the final top layer. 

Then finish off with all the parmesan cheese.

When it's all done bake for about 45 rminutes to an hour. Just enough time to meld all the ingredients.  Make sure the middle is hot and the cheese is melted and bubbly.  

Serve up with a big salad or take to a pot luck.  Cut into several servings and freeze for many meals. The perfect dish to make ahead of time. 


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