Make Pikachu Ears  

If you're looking for a costume Cosplay, Halloween, or just for fun, make Pikachu Ears  in less than an hour.  Also check out the Pikachu Tail  DIY and the Pickachu Dog Costume DIY.

To make Pikachu ears you'll need:

Yellow & black felt

matching thread

2 Pipe cleaners or bendable wire

pen or pencil



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Make a pattern out of paper & trace or print our pattern and trace.

Cut 2 of them out

With right sides together sew using a 1/2 inch seam allowance

Turn right side out

Fill with a little stuffing of any kind. Cotton balls or batting, etc

All done!  Now just use a safety pin, or sew the base of the ears to the costume,

or glue to a headband.  

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