Talking Dog DIY

Talking dog DIY can be a lot of fun. We laughed through most of the  filming,  and the dogs had fun too. If your thinking about trying this with your pet, check out our tips below. Have fun! To see the video check out our youtube channel

Talking dog diy

Lucy and Otis luncheon.

Otis choked and Lucy tries to help.  He was fine.

Talking DOG DIY

John pulling arms out of shirt. 


Backless chair or long bench that will accommodate you and your dog.

Shirt, blouse or clothing big enough to go over you and your dog. Cutting slit up the back is an option if needed..

Voice recorder optional.

Table setting and food.


1. If the shirt is big enough to fit both you and your dog, then cutting a slit up the back will not be necessary.  In this example we cut a slit up the back of the shirt on Otis, but Lucy's top was stretchy so it worked as it was.

2. Make whatever  food your dog likes and set the table. We made gluten free pasta with a simple sauce and dog food sprinkled on top. We used a plastic tablecloth, candle, wine bottle, plate of food and forks (careful), 

3.  Have everything ready before sitting your dog down.  If you're filming, have the camera set up and ready to go with operator in place. Also have all props such as napkin, utensils, etc ready,. Things could get messy and you may only get one take, so be ready. We used a separate voice recorder  to record the voices later.

4. When all else is prepared, sit your dog on the bench in front of the table. Sit behind your dog with arms around dog and through armholes..

5. We used the napkin, fork and food and surprisingly our dogs behaved perfectly. Some may not like wearing clothes and pearls, or be cooperative, but you may be surprised how well it could go. Just remember to be prepared because animals short attention spans.

Have fun with it and good luck. 

Talking dog DIY

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