Pikachu Tail 

Gotta have the classic Pikachu Tail if your gonna be Pikachu. Here's one way to do it!  No-sew options too!

Pikachu Tail

What You'll Need for the Pikachi Tail

Use our pattern or draw your own onto paper

2 squares of yellow felt or yellow fabric to match costume

Scraps of brown felt

Batting, cotton balls or something soft for stuffing

Scissors, pins, marker

Make & Trace the Pattern

Cut it Out

Sew around the tail using 1/2 inch seam allowance

Turn right side out

Double the brown felt, trace pattern pr free hand, and cut out

Pin to tail

Top stitch the brown felt being sure to attach to the yellow felt

Top stitch around the whole tail

Trim close

Don't forget the brown part of the tail is connected to the costume.

The wide yellow end is the tip.


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