Christmas Sewing Projects

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Full details on Christmas sewing projects below

Christmas Sewing Projects

christmas sewing projects 1

Make Holiday Apron

christmas sewing projects 2

Make Santa Hat

christmas sewing projects 3

Make Santa Scarf


A few tips on keeping it fun:

Allow enough time and start early. Waiting until the day before you need it can add lots of stress to the holidays.

Keep it simple. Getting too ambitious with a new skill just before the holidays can take the fun out of it, and even be discouraging for a beginner (believe me, I've been there).

The holiday apron is an easy sewing project for an experienced sewer, but for a beginner sewer the Santa Hat and the Santa Scarf would be a better place to start.  

Review basic sewing pages first: .sewing tools, basic instructions, installing a zipper and  waistband are a few good ones to start with.

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