Free Sewing Instructions

Free sewing instructions

For free sewing instructions, choose a topic below. 

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Sewing Tools & Supplies A review of basic sewing tools.  Sewing machines, scissors, pins, measuring tape, seam ripper, iron, ironing Board, marking tools, etc. 

Sewing supplies would include: Fabric, interfacing, thread, trims, elastic, etc. 

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Fabric Preparation can be a big determining factor in how your finished masterpiece turns out. 

Topics: Grain-lines, selvages, grain, crosswise grain, lengthwise grain, bias, preshrinking, dry cleaning, making a press cloth.


Interfacing is an important part of sewing, and many crafts. Learn about some of the popular applications, and review.

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Lay Out for key points when laying out fabric. Grain-lines are on the pattern, illustrations, how to measure, and much more info about lay out can be found on patterns. For a beginner a pattern along with these pages of videos and photos is one great way to teach yourself to sew.

Sew Waistband 
How to Install a Zipper
Sewing Videos
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