How to Sew A Pleat

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Learn how to sew a pleat for better fitting clothes

In this tutorial "how to sew a pleat",  a washable marker was used. Just a dab of water, and the ink disappears. Since pleats are usually front and center, make sure what ever you mark them with is washable. Darts can be done using this same technique.  

Push the pin through the tip of the pleat

Mark each little black circle on the dart the same way as the first..

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Lift the pattern piece & Mark the tip

In this example there is a cardboard table top under the fabric, which helps to hold the pin in place when poking through each of the layers. Push the marker up to the pin and mark. Even a piece of cardboard would help.

free sewing instruvtions

 Pull back pattern
and connect the dots with ruler

free sewing instructions

Looks like this after sewing & pressing

Once the dots have been connected, press the pleat closed, lining up both sides of the pleat, and sew as shown here.

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