How to Install a Zipper

How to Install A Zipper

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I like using the interfacing in place of pins because using pins can be awkward, and get in the way. Sometimes when removing pins, while sewing the zipper on, there's a slight shift. There's not a lot of space to work with between the zipper teeth and the edge of the zipper. You add a needle and a couple of fingers to the mix, and it gets crowded. When using this method, there's no need to pull pins or avoid pins. All the focus is on the sewing, and therefore this is my favorite zipper installation.


Sometimes we don't have double sided fusible interfacing around, or maybe that's what you prefer. Pins have worked fine for years, and will continue to work. Just be especially careful to be as precise as you can. The video above takes you through all the steps. The only difference is when you lay the zipper face down onto the garments seam, you will pin it in place, instead of pressing the interfacing onto the seam. 


Zipper tape is another product that works pretty much the same way as the interfacing. Zipper tape is not available in my local stores, so I went with this option, and it worked great. I'm looking forward to trying this product on other garments and craft projects as well.

About the Interfacing used in the video

"How to install a zipper" In this example I used Pellon's peel and fuse interfacing. It's a paper-backed adhesive web that turns any fabric into a fusible fabric. It fuses fabric to fabric or to a porous surface such as wood or cardboard. It's called "Heavy Wonder-Under" and adds extra holding power when needed. 

In this case we are attaching a zipper, so the only thing we are trying to do is hold the zipper in place until it's sewn on. It doesn't need to be sturdy and long lasting in this case. After the zipper is sewn on, the glue from the interfacing can be picked off or left. If there's concern about the glue showing, then make sure to cut the strips narrow enough to fit under the zipper, and out of sight.

Important facts about what to look for


SEWABLE- If you use an interfacing to attach a zipper, make sure it is sewable. Some fabrics and inter-facing have glue that is not sewable. It can gum up your machine and cause havoc. If you do try this, using alcohol to clean the needle every few stitches to solve the problem, but ideally you should use sewable. DOUBLE SIDED FUSIBLE

To avoid pins the interfacing needs to be fusible on both sides. One side fuses to the wrong side of the fabric, and the other side fuses to the right side of the zipper.


Most any large fabric store, and even small ones usually carry it. It's often used in quilting, and can be found in the quilting dept. WASHABLE

Although this is washable and dry cleanable according to the directions, it won't need to hold up in this project. Again, this is a temporary use to hold the zipper in place until sewn. Directions also say NOT to use fabric softener and tumble dry with low heat (if your looking for long lasting).

A little more on "How to Install a Zipper"

Directions for this Interfacing "Pellon"


Place rough side of "Wonder-Under" (as it's called by Pellon) against wrong side of fabric. Press for 5 to 8 seconds with hot, dry iron. Draw desired shape onto the paper backing. Then cut.

Alternative method: Trace shape onto paper backing, cut to size, then press, rough side down, onto fabric. 


In this case, I simply cut two strips small enough to fit under the zipper.


The directions say to gently peel off paper backing. Position fusible fabric, web side down, on the project. Cover with DAMP press cloth. In this example we are not looking for long lasting strength so I didn't use the damp press cloth, and attached the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, then added the zipper right side down onto the wrong side of the fabric, on top of the glue, and pressed with enough heat to peel top layer of paper. Enough to keep in in place for the sewing process.

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Hope "How to Install a Zipper" was helpful. Happy Sewing!

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