Easy Sewing Projects

Easy Sewing Projects

easy sewing projects 1

                                                    How to Make a Dress

easy sewing projects 2

                                                     How to Make a Skirt

easy sewing projects 3

                                                       How to Make a Cape

easy sewing projects 4

                                                       Make Poodle Skirt

easy sewing projects 5

                                                    How to Make an Apron

If you're learning to sew, then it would be best to start by reviewing "Free Sewing Instructions" and practicing with "Beginner Sewing Projects". These are new pages in development here at RetroSewing for the very beginner sewer.

Although the projects on this page are considered easy, they do require many sewing skills that a new sewer may not have. Skills such as installing zippers, ruffles, waistbands, etc. After some basic sewing review and a little practice, these will be a breeze.

Happy Sewing!

Beginner Sewing Projects  

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