How to Thread Sewing Machine

These are the directions on how to thread sewing machine. Ideally use the instruction manual for your machine. If you need to get a new one, you may want to try getting it online.

These directions are from my Husqvarna sewing machine, but are very common for most others.

Before threading the machine, be sure to turn off the power switch.Make sure the pressor foot is raised and the needle is in the up position.

1. Bring the thread from the spool and pass it through the thread guide, and draw it down along the slot on the right.

2. Guide the thread around the bottom of the thread guide plate.

3. Firmly draw the thread from right to left over the take-up lever and down into the take-up lever eye.

4. Slide the thread from the left behind the needle bar thread guide.

5. If your machine has a needle threader, then follow the directions in your instruction manual on how to use it.

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