Sewing Rooms

Fantasy sewing rooms created using Polyvore. A fun way to express ideas. Thousands of photos in the Polyvore inventory, submitted by thousands of people. You get to put them together with a drag and drop program without the hassle of cutting them out yourself. If you don't have PhotoShop, but still want to have some of the fun of creating sets, then this is a great way to do it. After creating them, you can publish them to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Old Hollywood Glamour

sewing rooms 1

All the space I could ask for

sewing rooms 2

Bring back sewing, like the good old days

sewing rooms 3

Making Aprons in the kitchen

sewing rooms 4

I remember when

sewing rooms 5

Let's Talk Sewing

sewing rooms 6

Love the country view

sewing rooms 7

What do I feel like sewing today?

sewing rooms 8

Heavenly Choices

sewing rooms 10

Back in Time

sewing rooms 11

Retro Touches

sewing rooms 12

Modern Day Sewing Circle Kinda

sewing rooms 13

All Done

sewing rooms 14

A little More Hollywood

sewing rooms 15

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sewing rooms 16

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