Sewing Basics

No Pressure

sewing basics

Sewing Basics

Sewing Basics

Ideally, these sewing instructions will convince you to learn to sew by starting your sewing project without pressure. Try not to have a party you need it for in two days. Allow the time to go slow and steady and keep these sewing instructions near by. Consider it a learning process, that will lead to many beautiful fashion creations. Designing and sewing is a very creative process and can be therapeutic and relaxing, so don't let adding unnecessary pressure ruin your good time. Try to enjoy the process as well as the end result. I especially love sewing on a warm summer night when everyone is sleeping, and it's quiet. One of the reasons I like using old sheets and things is, I already own it and it also takes a lot of pressure off, knowing I have no money invested. It allows me to get creative without fear. It doesn't always work out, but it's a lot of fun!

Sewing Basics

No Time

If you don't have a lot of time each day, but have always wished you had the time to sew, consider taking baby steps. Review these sewing instructions as you go through the steps. Try something like this: 1. The first day you shop for the pattern, study the fabrics, get advice from the store clerks, and anyone you know that sews. Of course, you're always welcome to come back to for help too, or print these sewing instructions to keep nearby.

2. Once your comfortable with the pattern you've studied, and you've decided on the fabric: wash and dry the fabric the next day.

3. Press it and lay it out the day after that.

4. Pin and mark it another day, and so on.

By the end of the week you'll have a master piece, or at least a finished garment that you'll have learned from, and advanced your skills on. Regardless of how it turns out, you'll have learned a lot in the process, and be even more ready for the next project.

Sewing is a skill that anyone can learn, but like anything, you have to put some time in, which is another great reason to use fabrics from things you own. Just keep these sewing instructions near by and refer to them often, at least on the first sewing project.

Sewing Basics

No Space

Sewing space can be challenging, but I've seen sewing take place on the floor, in the corner of a bedroom, kitchen table, attic, basement, even in a closet. I've seen people sew with the sewing machine on their lap. When you think about it, you need space for the sewing machine, and a sewing kit (size of a shoebox). The patterns, fabric, etc can be laid out on the floor just about anywhere that's smooth and clean ideally.

I use the pool table to lay out my fabric, but once it's cut down into tops, bottoms, sleeves, etc, the pieces get pretty easy to work with on my desk, which is where my sewing machine is. I also use a cardboard sewing and measuring table when I'm on a sewing project.

Sewing Basics

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