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About Us

This is me in my office.

This is Sky photographing our "Stuffing Recipe" video.

Sky (left),  Sierra (right) acting out a scene in our "Retro Summer Party" video

Meet Otis & Lucy. They can be scene throughout our DIY's.

About Us

Hi, my name is Pam.  I'm sharing my sewing projects, home improvements, gardening tips,  party ideas, recipes. and  all sorts of fun and creative DIY's.  I couldn't do it without my creative, talented family.  They help me out with their skills and imagination.  My husband, nephew, daughters, friends and I have a great time coming up with fun ideas and then executing them.  Much of what I share are projects we are already doing, but every now and then, we make up DIY's just for the fun of it. 

It helps to have a video expert in the family. My oldest daughter Sky is an amazing filmmaker. Although I do the filming and editing, she assists me with her expert advice and teaches me the tricks of the trade.  When I started this website in 2009 I knew nothing about filming and editing videos and photos, and it shows in the early videos, but things have come a long way since then.

My youngest daughter Sierra is the model for  many of the costumes and other DIY's.  She helps me with social media and working out technical issues.  She also pitches in with editing, filming, preparations, and pretty much whatever is needed.

My nephew Colt is a creative genius. He helps with props, set designs, filming,  recipes, some on camera, and just about anything we need. He builds whatever we need, and is always ready to help with putting things together behind the scenes.  His creativity is off the charts!

Also invaluable to the team is my husband Andy and our dear friend Spider.  Between these two, there is little we can't overcome.  They build, problem solve, and  help bring it all together. 

I feel privileged to have such a great team of exceptional people. True, I may be a little partial, but regardless of how things turn out, we have a great time doing it all. I do admit we have our issues. Sometimes things take longer then expected or things aren't turning out as planned and crankiness can develop, but for the most part we have a blast!   

Join us and we will try and make it worth the visit.  

Enjoy and live life to the fullest!


Many of the photos throughout are photo-bombed by Otis and Lucy (our dogs).  Otis is an Olde English Bull Dog, and Lucy is a rescue dog of mixed breeds. They are loving and adorable, but you don't want to mess with them if you don't know them.  They love swimming, running and fetching. If you'd like to see Otis's life story, check out "Bull Dog Photos" for more on Otis's career, favorite sports, and hobbies.  He's a couple years older now, so an update on his life story is in order.

These two keep us entertained and on our toes. They love to be in the middle of everything so they will be fixtures at

Retrosewing NAme CHange 


Hello. My name is Pam.  Welcome to, also known as  Thank you for  visiting, and please bear with me during the changes the website is going through right now. I'm updating the design and content, so  things are a bit scrambled right now, but it will be worth it when done. 

Much has happened since I started this website in 2009.  A big move to the country, lots of remodeling, gardening, experimenting with recipes, party planning and parties are just some of the activities keeping our family busy.  Living in the country is full of new, exciting things to do and discover.  I love the fresh air, wild life, and beautiful country views, not to mention new experiences,  like watching my husband learn to drive a tractor. 

Our life is full of DIY's, and that's how was born.  Retrosewing will always be a part of, and retro sewing projects will continue, but this change of name (RetroSewing to will accommodate all my DIY activities, including "Home Improvements",  "Recipes", "Gluten-Free Recipes",  "Growing a Square Foot Garden", "Party Planning Ideas",  and of course "Sewing".  I'll soon be posting the adorable "1950's Playsuit" with romper and skirt,  as well as many other DIY's. Hope you'll join me.

For more info about this site, and all the people behind it, check out the "about us" page.


About Us