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Sewing The photo left is a 1950s playsuit with romper and skirt. The full tutorial on how to make this 1950s playsuit will be posted  soon. The sewing pages will include basic step by step sewing instructions for everything from fabric prep to installing a zipper.  Dog coats,  doll   repairs,  sewing a waistband and how to make darts.  Also check out costumes such as how to make a poodle skirt,  Egyptian costume or toga.  Many of these pages are already in the menu at the top of the page titled "sewing". 

These pages in progress, Please check back for more links.

Gardening  Since moving to the country we've become gardeners, sort of.   Still learning, but the harvest is happening. In the garden pages we will be sharing our successes  and failures. Mostly square foot gardening, but we are also growing fruit trees, citrus trees, and a patch of this and that. We just started a big patch of chia seeds, along with another patch thats just a few months ahead and already 3 feet tall.  Favorite things  about square foot gardening are no weeding, no more tilling the soil and dealing with critters.  Our experience with square foot gardening and all the details on setting it up are shared here. We are also growing fruit trees, and raising fish.  So much to learn, but very exciting and rewarding. 

These pages in progress. Check back for clickable links.

Recipes This "Cioppino Recipe"  is delicious!  We had fresh baked bread, and a big salad along with it.  So good! Some other recipes in these pages are the "Blackberry Pie Recipe"  stuffing, sangria, banana cream pie, the "Best Chocolate Cake Ever"  ever with coffee in the batter, and we'll be sharing many gluten-free recipes too. . 

My family and I love to try new recipes and we also love making  up our own. We've done many gluten-free alternatives with a lot of success. We will share our favorites  and warn of pitfalls with some of the  recipes. We'll also be sharing some old family recipes.,  We try and make them healthy, when we can, but some are  traditional, and I think we all know what that means.. Hope you'll join us for some cooking & baking!

These pages in progress. Check back for clickable links.


The kitchen in this photo is our 2 year old kitchen, The is where all the magic happens!  We gutted the old 1980s kitchen, and reused all the old cabinets and appliances in another kitchen remodel.. The before, during and after photos for both kitchens, and many other projects can be found in these "Home Improvements" pages.

These pages are In progress so please. check back for clickable links to all the projects.

Retrosewing NAme CHange 


Hello. My name is Pam.  Welcome to, also known as  Thank you for  visiting, and please bear with me during the changes the website is going through right now. I'm updating the design and content, so  things are a bit scrambled right now, but it will be worth it when done. 

Much has happened since I started this website in 2009.  A big move to the country, lots of remodeling, gardening, experimenting with recipes, party planning and parties are just some of the activities keeping our family busy.  Living in the country is full of new, exciting things to do and discover.  I love the fresh air, wild life, and beautiful country views, not to mention new experiences,  like watching my husband learn to drive a tractor. 

Our life is full of DIY's, and that's how was born.  Retrosewing will always be a part of, and retro sewing projects will continue, but this change of name (RetroSewing to will accommodate all my DIY activities, including "Home Improvements",  "Recipes", "Gluten-Free Recipes",  "Growing a Square Foot Garden", "Party Planning Ideas",  and of course "Sewing".  I'll soon be posting the adorable "1950's Playsuit" with romper and skirt,  as well as many other DIY's. Hope you'll join me.

For more info about this site, and all the people behind it, check out the "about us" page.