How to Make a Costume

How to Make A Costume

More on Little Red Riding Hood pieces (Cape, Apron, Dress)
How to Make a Cape
How to Make an Apron
How to Make a Dress

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Make A 1950's Costume

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Make Egyptian Costume

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How to Make a Toga/Greek Goddess Costume

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How to Make A Little Red Riding Hood Costume

A Little More About These Pages

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Just in time for some ideas for Halloween, or in the case of most of these costumes, any costume event during the year.

When you make your own costume, you get to do it your way.

These pages are full of photos and ideas for popular costumes that can be used year round. If you are going to make one of these costumes, why not make it so you can wear it for other occasions as well.

This Simplicity Pattern (photo to left) is one of the costume patterns being used to make some of the costumes in these pages. In the case of the Little Red Riding Hood costume, because of the choices and fabric, and some of the other changed details, you can wear the dress, cape and apron for other occasions.

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