Gift Wrapping IDeas

If your sick of the same old gift wrap, stick with us and we will add new gift wrapping ideas as we come up with them.  

For 2017 we used last years paper, and diamonds from a previous DIY.  For the bow we clipped off pieces of an old fake garland, and picked real berries from the yard. Used a hot glue gun to put it together. Rows of diamonds can be purchased for $4.00 to $10 at crafts stores.

Gift wrapping ideas can be simple and sometimes even free. 

A very cool old Russian ammunition box from WWII.  We found this old box in an antique store. Perfect for the gun collector  receiving this gift.  We filled it with moss, and all the makings for his favorite drink, plus a snack and a box of ammo. See whats inside!

Do the same thing with any box that fits the personality of the person receiving it.  Examples:  An old sewing box or a new one filled with sewing tools and supplies (pins, scissors, patterns, etc) that a sewer never has enough of.   Also consider canisters for a baker, filled with baking ingredients. No end to the types of boxes and contents that are far more unique and custom than anything you would find ready-made.

More Gift Wrapping IDeas

A canister set (by Pioneer Women) is so beautiful that no gift wrap could be better.  Each of these canisters are filled with favorite treats, teas, coffees, cookies,  or pretty much anything the recipient likes.

This particular ribbon is 5 yards (a gift in itself). It has wire so it was easy enough to whip into shape with a couple of bow ties at the top, and a few loops tied in, or tie a simple bow with any ribbon or string.

Photos above and below are  all natural gift wrap and is truly the easiest most natural, and free. Wrap with a brown paper bag, newspaper, magazine pages, or whatever you have. Gather leaves, berries or whatever you can find around your yard or neighborhood. Tie it all up and you have a beautiful and festive unique gift wrap for anytime of year!

Sometimes the gift is too good to wrap, and here's one example. This beautiful succulent arrangement planted in a frame is perfect for a minimal wrap.  Just string and a tag, and your done!

...and that's the DIY effect!

Retrosewing NAme CHange 


Hello. My name is Pam.  Welcome to, previously known as  Thank you for  visiting.  We're updating the design and content, so  things are changing, but it will be worth it when done. 

Much has happened since I started this website in 2009.  A big move to the country, lots of remodeling, gardening, experimenting with recipes, party planning and parties are just some of the activities keeping our family busy.  Living in the country is full of new, exciting things to do and discover.  I love the fresh air, wild life, and beautiful country views, not to mention new experiences,  like watching my husband learn to drive a tractor. 

Our life is full of DIY's, and that's how was born.  Retrosewing will always be a part of, and retro sewing projects will continue, but this change of name (RetroSewing to will accommodate all our DIY activities, including "Home Improvements",  "Recipes", "Gluten-Free Recipes",  "Growing a Square Foot Garden", "Party Planning Ideas",  and of course "Sewing".  I'll soon be posting the adorable "1950's Playsuit" with romper and skirt,  as well as many other DIY's. Hope you'll join us.

For more info about this site, and all the people behind it, check out the "about us" page.


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